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Goodbye old life. . . Hello new

I’ve been quiet, but with good reason. I have been busy re-training and leaving the world of media to change my life. . . I have come back from a year in lockdown as a Personal Trainer. . . and it’s the best decision I ever made. Im doing what I love once again, and it feels so great.

I have managed to secure some fantastic clients who are making some serious progress already with my weight loss programme. I enjoy creating wonderful innovative meals, and trialling recipes on friends and family members – constantly looking for ways to improve the flavors of my healthy yet balanced meal plans that I create for my clients. As much as I love this, I have to say, my favorite part so far of my new and exciting career is creating fun and exciting workout routines. From olympic lifting, to HIIT and running, I like to mix it up each week for my clients, so that workouts never get boring.

On top of my private PT’ing, I’ve also teamed up with the WELD Health app to help deliver affordable Personal Training to everyone. I love this app, If you’re away for work, or you have commitments in your life which make it hard to find the time to workout, or If you have confidence issues with walking onto the gym floor like I did when I started my journey, you can hire me on WELD, and I can help from the comfort of your own home/ hotel room/ holiday suite/ back garden/ park (you catch my drift).

I have also been working on getting help, Lockdown hit us all hard, and I was finally diagnosed with Anxiety and depression during this time. I wondered why for so many years I had felt ‘funny, unusual, not myself’ I was relieved to say the least, when my doctor prescribed some anti-depressants and some anti-anxiety medication. Im not ashamed to say it. In fact, quite the opposite. SO many people suffer with their mental health, and without medication, we can feel terrible about ourselves. With it, i’m back to the way I used to feel. Dont get me wrong – I have my not-so-good days, but this is usually triggered by something (sudden loud noises for example, send my anxiety to rocket). But overall, I am much more relaxed about most things. Anxiety is a silent killer if you ask me, it creeps in and takes over without even realising. So, if you’re feeling ‘funny inside’ this might be why. Dont be scared, ashamed, worried – talk to your doctor – it could change your life.

So, that’s just some of what I have been doing. Although I have been quiet on the blog front – its all for the best. Feel free to get in touch with me via my contact details – I love to hear other peoples experiences when it comes to lifestyle.

For now – Peace out guys



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