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H.A.P.P.Y.  A.N.N.I.V.E.R.S.A.R.Y.  T.O.  M.E


Its the 16th January! Why am I so happy about this usually oh-so normal date? On this day 4 years ago, I made a decision that would change my life, a decision that would be the best I had ever made. Here I stand, 4 years later, having tackled my body confidence, health, mental and physical issues (and a few other things along the way). I lost lbs and gained a whole new lease of life. Today I celebrate another fabulous victory as a result of that decision I made on that day 4 years ago. . . A new career. This journey has taught me that life is too short to not do what I love. I have grown and developed as a person, and I realise now that what I love is this lifestyle, this new found energy and my passion to live. So I set a goal to focus on becoming a personal trainer, and that goal just started happening. I officially start my new career next week! It may be at the bottom of the chain, because I have never done this professionally before and therefore need to train and do my qualifications, but you know what? I couldn’t be more content with my decision to leave what I know, and take a risk by starting from scratch. I’ve conquered huge mountains and achieved something I never thought I could, so I can definitely use that determination to help myself grow further.

If you had told me 4 years ago, that I would be 10 stone lighter and entering a career in health and fitness in 2020, I would have died laughing. You think I’m joking. . . but at 18 stone and with a ‘terrible allergy’ to working out, Im being serious.

As we enter a new decade, Im pleased to be able to reflect on the journey I have been on, and feel a sense of accomplishment. I BLOODY DID IT! I leave the depressed, overweight, unhealthy, unhappy me in the last decade, and I look forward to this new chapter of my life, with open (and more toned) arms, a healthier heart and a positive outlook on life. I want others to realise that they can also achieve this, whoever they are, whatever battles they face.

SOOOOO, on another note, its been a little while since I discussed my fitness regime, and it has changed a lot since last March which is when my last blog post was (SHOCKING) I am a big believer of mixing things up. I like to have a diverse range of activities so I don’t get bored for one, but also, I have had to change things slightly. I ran almost every day at one point and while I love running, I was getting more and more injuries. From falls in the rain, to pulling muscles and messing my toes up. I decided that all the physio, deep tissue, sports massages and acupuncture bills were racking up and I was headed to knee and hip replacement surgery for sure. All that running can have a terrible strain on the body. SO now I run on average twice a week and have replaced the rest of my days with HIIT and Tabata training between my weights and yoga etc etc.  I have noticed quite a substantial difference. Im hungrier because I’m burning calories literally for days after my workout rather than just the hour I am literally working out for, so I’m eating more often (this is a huge bonus). I have noticed my core is much stronger and also – Im happier – its much less pressure on myself because I can do HIIT anywhere.

Be happy, be healthy, be kind. . . oh, and Happy New Decade.




Feel free to get in touch via my instagram account @MarliHan.

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