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The Marlinators Motivation

This week I will be talking about how I keep myself motivated throughout this process. It’s one of the most common questions I get asked by other people on their own weight loss journey. Motivation is something that at times you have to dig deep for.

Strangely, When I first started losing weight, the motivation was easy to find. The constant loss on the scale was a real motivation booster but only came one day a week. I needed more than this to keep it up. Finding new meals and foods I enjoyed was a huge help. I was becoming a culinary genius with all types of new found tastebuds and my kitchen knife set was rocketed into action. I started using blender attachments I had never used before and the juicer sprung into daily action. The kitchen was a happy place for me and somewhere I went, and still go, to find motivation.

Finding motivation while I am trying to maintain the weight loss and tone up on the other hand, is a lot harder. I find the fitbit and My fitness Pal communities a real help. I share my trials and tribulations, my triumphs and failures and all are welcomed with open arms and positive comments. I compete with others in the fitbit community in challenges. This is a great motivation booster because it keeps me competitive and driven. I also love the Instagram community for these reasons too. I follow other people on their own weight loss journeys, and we share tips and tricks to keep each other motivated. These come in various forms, such as snacking tips, recipes, workout ideas and general motivation boosters to name but a few.

Now, if you are familiar with my instagram account (@Marlihan), you’ll know that I post throwbacks  and regular comparison pictures. Ultimately I do this to document my progress but it also helps me see how far I have come. Its a gentle reminder to myself that I have come a long way, which is needed from time to time because I can get caught up in the ‘Body dysmorphia tangle’ at times and having a visual really helps cure this for me. I do like to have a laugh at times and try some ‘Old Me’ size 24 clothes on, I have a particular vest top that used to be a regular vest top, and now seems to be an oversized tent that I could pin down and house a small family in.

Don’t let your routines get stale. I mentioned in my last post that I mix my weight sets up regularly to help keep my mind focussed and motivated. This is really important. There are some days though that I’m just not feeling the self motivation for cardio. Its a rarity these days I’ll admit, but in these situations I mix it up and do a class like spinning instead. The team sprit really kicks in and suddenly I find this surge of energy from nowhere that I need to get my cardio workout in. The endorphins after one of these sessions are literally amazing and I could bounce off them all day. Knowing that I pushed myself and conquered it, really does wonders for the mind. Swimming is another good one. At the beginning of my weight loss journey, all I did was swim, because I was good at it and I enjoyed it so I stuck to it for a long time. It works every muscle in the body, helps with controlled breathing and is good for cardio. A good all-rounder for me. I don’t swim so much these days due to time, but if I want to mix up my cardio then I’ll have a good hour swim session and try and do as many lengths as possible, ranging from breast stroke, front crawl, back crawl and butterfly (this really works the arms and core – double whammy)

Last, but not least. Rest Days. I find if I schedule my rest days into the week, I can look forward to either catching up on some chill out me time, or make dinner plans with friends. A real motivation booster! Knowing I am ‘working out’ my way to a cheat meal is fabulous! I allow myself one day a week where I eat whatever the heck I like. No food is off the menu for rest day, it works for me.

So, right there is what keeps me motivated and focused. I love every minute of this journey, and If I can help others along my merry way then Im one Happy Marlin.

Peace out and keep focused.



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