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The Scars Of My Battles . . .


I get asked a lot about how I have prevented the loose skin on my bottom and middle. The truth is, I still have loose skin. Thats never going to completely go away without surgery. But I have managed to keep it to a minimum, especially on my bottom. This is down to the weight training routine I have. I’ve lost the fat but filled out with muscle so I guess in order to prevent the loose skin issue – I’ve had to accept that I must embrace the curves and bulk out those muscles.

I have talked about diet in my past posts – protein protein protein is essentially what the muscles need, but that goes with a strict weight lifting and cardio routine. I work a lot on my legs and butt with the dead lifting and running. I have been slowly building my weights up and mixing my sets up to make sure every muscle in my legs and butt get worked at least a couple of times a week. Squats are a key move in my sets. I do a lot of squatting with various different weights. It took a while to really start seeing a difference, but 2 years in and its really helping my loose skin areas. Technically speaking, I follow a weight lifters routine, but I don’t go crazy on the weight for fear of looking like He-Man.

In the last month I have really seen a huge difference by increasing my lifting weight. Im now lifting between 60 and 100Kg off my back and I’m seeing it in my Butt, back and middle. I work the arms separately.

Another question I get asked often is the all too popular . . . ‘free weights, or machine weights?’ Everyone has a different opinion. But this is mine. Free weights all the way. You will rarely see me using the machines because I find I engage my core more, and its easier for me to incorporate some cardio into my sets using the free’s. It also means that I can mix my sets up so that I don’t risk getting bored. Boredom in the gym leads to deterioration of motivation, and when you have a 10 stone weight loss to maintain, this is not an option.

There are a few regulars at the gym who have shared their admiration for the weight sets that I create for myself. I use a range of different weights and try to work as many different muscle groups as possible, whilst incorporating some cardio to really get the heart pumping. Heres one of my gym day routines, I don’t often share this as I have worked hard to create the perfect ‘Gym session’ for myself, but as its worked wonders for me, I shall share:

I always start with a good 10k run, and sometimes a trip up The Eiffel Tower on the stair master, then a 60 minute weight session. I include weight set up at the beginning and dismantling and putting away into this hour (on non weight session days, I run between 12-15km):

(6 sets . 10 reps per item)

Squats and Deadlifts (back) 60Kg – This really works the glute, hamstring, and quads, I find its the best lift for working on total-body strength, balance, and athleticism.

Deadlift military press squat – 30Kg. The exercise has four parts, deadlift, military press, squat and behind the neck press. This is really useful for building muscle mass and strength. Its designed to use as many muscle groups and joints as possible. This is almost a full body workout in itself.

Dumbbell Sumo squats – 18.5kg

Barbell pull ups – 15Kg

Barbell bench press’s – 20kg


. . .  and finally . . . the killer- PULL UPS.

After the gym I pop a couple of my home made protein balls (recipe in a previous post) and Im done. Ready to face the day, armed with those glorious endorphins. I try to weight train between 3 and 4 times a week, allowing for muscle recovery which is a key part in this process.

I have said it before, and I shall repeat myself. I never thought that the once 18 stone me would ever change her ways to become a strong, disciplined, focussed fitness loving woman. As for the loose skin I have, well it’s merely the scars of my battles.

Thanks again for tuning in folks. Do let me know if there are any topics you want me to blog about. Im open to suggestions.

Peace out, from a very happy MarliHan.

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